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UPA Photo offers you unique and eye-catching photo archive by News, Celebrity, Sport, Music, Politic, Royalty, Art,
Entertainment, Portrait, Fashion, Travel, Architecture, Industry, Nature, History, Medical, People.


* All photos aquired through UPA Photo are for one time editorial use. Additional use requires additional payment.

* Unless otherwise approved, use is restricted to editorial inclusion in user's own publication.
Photos may not be used for advertising or promotional purposes.

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* Images acquired from UPA Photo may not be stored in any temporary or permanent electronic database
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* Images acquired from UPA Photo may not be altered or manipulated beyond normal image enhancements or cropping.

* Although UPA Photo makes every effort to ensure the accuracy and reliability of it's database and administration, members
acknowledge that UPA Photo is not liable for any loss, cost or damage arising out of any misuse, inaccuracies, errors or
omissions in the information contained in the UPA Photo service.

* UPA Photo retains the full copyright and ownership of any image retrieved from its service on behalf of the contributing picture agencies.

* The appropriate credit line that must accompany the UPA Photo image must read: "© +/UPA Photo" indicating
credit of the contributing agency in the caption. If no credit line is indicated in the caption, then the credit line must read "© UPA Photo".

* Should a subscriber violate any requirements or agreements between themselves UPA Photo
will attempt to obtain appropriate corrections and remedies from the member and/or cancel their subscription without notice.

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